Battle on the Deck

         Footage of last year's Battle on the Deck(adults at the end)!  Expect even more this year.  Sign up below!

 Battle on the Deck is a basketball event like no other!  Grab a few of your basketball partners and play ball on an aircraft carrier!  Patriots Point.  There will be non-stop games going on surrounded by vendors, music, and great food.  This year we have invited Charleston Southern and College of Charleston's men's/women's basketball teams to make appearances.   You also are permitted to tour the whole ship!


Tournament Registration Rules

1.  All players must be in the selected age bracket as of tournament date.

2.  Players will be emailed waivers.  Waivers must be presented at the tournament signed by all players for you to be eligible to play.  If under 18 then waivers must be signed by parent or legal guardian.  

3.  There will be no refunds!

4.  5 players allowed on team.  We recommend 4 for playing time purposes.  

5.  Players ARE permitted to play in different brackets but we are not 

responsible for any schedule conflicts.